Will you check out my blog?

Sure. I’m always happy to take a look at your blog, if you ask nicely.

Will you follow me?

I actually can’t follow from this blog, but I can follow from my personal. If your blog interests me, I might follow. 

Will you promo me? 

We do promo-for-promos with beauty/fashion blogs that are similar to our own. Just drop a message in our ask, and we can definitely arrange something! 

Where do you get your photos from?

We get a large portion of them from We Heart It. We also get them from a few other sites as well. We claim no photos as our own, unless it’s clearly stated in the post/source/tags.

What’s your personal Tumblr?


Why are there ads on the side of the page/what happens if I click them?

We’ve placed the ads on our blog because we’re starting to get a bit of viewer traffic. I get a few cents for each click. You loose nothing by clicking any of the ads, so…why not give them a click? c:

What kind of submissions do you look for?

We’d prefer that submissions are fashion/beauty related. We’re a bit picky when it comes to what we post and what we don’t. Good image quality is something we really look for. If you have something you’re thinking about submitting, please don’t hesitate! We love submissions, nonetheless. c: